About us

We are consultants, technology buffs, and agents of change in our community. As a group, we believe in the power of education and are determined in helping it flourish so that every child has access to quality education.

Our team guide clients in the effective integration of technology into the classroom. The programs that we author train key players and help implement changes in communities. 

We work alongside your team to address obstacles as they come and ensure that your efforts impact the children you support.

We leverage our network and their corresponding methodologies to improve community-focused programs with the latest insights and digital capabilities.

Our organization is powered by Fundación Zamora Terán, a non-profit organization, that shares its knowledge of digital tools and servicing communities in third-world countries.


2.15% improvement in math problem skills

The development of mathematical skills in students develops confidence and cognitive skills in children.

(Verify Sources: EGRA, FZT, Nicaragua)


Reading programs saw improvements of 5% to 10%

Reading comprehension is a fundamental skill to solve real-life problems. 

(Verify Sources: EGRA, FZT, Nicaragua)


68% of schools attest to improvements in school management

Programs have led to increased parents’ participation, more harmonious learning environments, and improved methods within the classroom.

(Verify Sources: Ministry of Education, FZT, Nicaragua)


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Our Services

Having a hard time getting your programs off the ground?

Here is how our services can help:


Our technology-based training programs help your teams, teachers, and volunteers navigate everyday obstacles with various digital tools, methods, and solutions.


Our team empowers yours with the know-how required to guide others. Instead of guessing, hire experts to train and enable agents of change.


We never ‘set and forget.’ We work alongside your team to keep your programs running and support any technical issues that may arise.

OLPC volunteers


An educated community is composed of healthier, more sustainable individuals. 

Education enhances a child’s future by enriching their personal development and opening up a myriad of opportunities. Our technical training programs elevate teachers, parents, and children to reach their potential, impacting entire communities. Over the long-term, these efforts reduce instability and corruption. 

When managed properly, education and technology can change lives and communities. Help us make a difference.

It’s important to determine what and why programs don’t work. Our carefully designed methods and strategies tackle these issues from the get-go.

Our work begins with technology and teacher training methodologies. Results lead to confident, educated children who can problem solve and access new opportunities.

Our programs combat the education and social issues that burden our communities.

If you want to make a difference, we can teach you how.

“Children are welcomed into the program one

school at a time; often students teach those at

nearby schools that have not yet gotten involved.”


Our Cause

Education Needed

Everyone deserves a chance to thrive. Everyone deserves an education. Education is an essential tool that transforms the lives of thousands of children worldwide and creates healthier communities and individuals.


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