Our Story

Where it all began

OLPC exists to use quality education to combat the issues that burden the youngest and most hopeful people: our children. The program began at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2005. Since its inception, OLPC has provided more than 3 million educational laptops to children around the world. 

Our Value

As individuals,

we believe in the power of learning as a means to combat the issues that burden our communities.

As consultants,

we help optimize technology-based education programs.

As humanitarians,

we are determined to help communities flourish.

Program Design

We design educational programs and teach your teams how to implement them.

Teacher Training

We address obstacles as they come and ensure that your efforts impact the children you support.

Tech Support

We leverage our network and their corresponding methodologies to improve community-focused programs with the latest insights and digital capabilities.

We need your help.

An alliance that transforms the future

Zamora Terán Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the LAFISE Group. Headquartered in Nicaragua, the Foundation works closely with the «One Laptop Per Child» program and has spearheaded OLCP programs in more than 20 countries worldwide.

The alliance between OLPC and the Zamora Teran Foundation provides better educational opportunities to thousands of girls and boys around the world. 


Now more than ever, this alliance deploys actions that meet the needs of thousands of teachers, students, and families in the current pandemic context.

OLPC is powered by Zamora Terán Foundation, a non-profit organization, that shares its knowledge of digital tools and servicing communities in third-world countries.

In partnership with

Education Needed

Everyone deserves a chance to thrive. Everyone deserves an education. Education is an essential tool that transforms the lives of thousands of children worldwide and creates healthier communities and individuals.